Jerry Lee Lewis


(Robert 'Bumps' Blackwell/John Marascalco)

Sound-illustrated recordings' history

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Recording session (date, location), number of takes, personnel Take No.:
Real Media
Vinyl release CD release Note
BFB1 SB42 Sd353 etc
September 11, 1962
3 takes, one comic f/s
Phillips Studio, 317 7th Av., Nashville, Tn
Jerry Lee Lewis: vocal/piano
Fred Carter: guitar
Kelton 'Kelso' Herston: guitar
Floyd D. 'Lightnin'' Chance: bass
'Buddy' Harman, Jr.: drums
Homer L. 'Boots' Randolph: sax
unknown vocal chorus
1 mono 2:16 Sun 382 2/13 . According to the SunBox4 inlays, only two takes of this song have been recorded:
- take 1 used for the single (mono version issued on Disc 2 of SunBox 4 and stereo version issued on Bear Family box);
- take 2 issued on SB109, on Bear Family box and on Disc 5 of SunBox4.
But in fact the track 8/12 of the Bear Family box is a different take (probably take 3).
1 stereo 2:18 . C8/14 .
2 2:10 SB1094 1B4 5/28 .
3 2:12 . C8/12 .
Joke 0:10 . 12/23 . Recorded as a false start to WAITING FOR A TRAIN
January 11, 1973
One known take on medley
Advision St., Gosfield Str., London, England
Jerry Lee Lewis: vocal/piano
Alvin Lee: guitar
Mickey Jones: guitar
Gary Wright: organ
Albert Lee: acoustic guitar
Ray Smith: acoustic guitar
Klaus Voormann: bass
Kenny Jones: drums
Mick Kellie: drums
Brian Parrish, Gary Taylor, Jerry Lee Lewis Jr.: percussion
One 1:00 SRM2 803 CLS5 2/12 .


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