Jerry Lee Lewis


(Huddie Ledbetter/John Alan Lomax)

Sound-illustrated recordings' history

Recording session (date, location), number of takes, personnel Take No.:
Real Media
Vinyl release CD release Note
BFB1 SB42 Sd353 etc
Late 1956/early 1957
4 takes
706 Union Av., Memphis, Tn
Jerry Lee Lewis: vocal/piano
Roland Janes: guitar
J. M. Van Eaton: drums
Overdub session: April 4-8, 1958
Ed Bruce, Vernon Drane, Charlie Rich, Lee Holt, Bobby Thompson, Bob Strong, Alice Rumple: vocals
2 2:59 SB1024 1B5 3/10 . .
3 2:54 BFX 15211 C1/10 5/29 & 7/6 . According to the SunBox4 inlays, the track CD5/29 should be the take 1, but in fact it's the undubbed take 3, identical to the track CD7/6 and to the Bear Family CD1/10.
So the take 1 remains unissued.
3 overdub. 2:53 Sun LP-1230 C4/5 5/8 . .
4 3:04 SB102 1B6 C1/9 Sd35 1/9 Version «Slow to fast»
February 17, 1975
One known take
Mercury St., 1512 Hawkins Str., Nashville, Tn.
Jerry Lee Lewis: vocal/piano
Harold Ray Bradley: guitar
Ray Edenton: guitar
Jerry Glenn Kennedy: guitar/leader
Jerry 'Chip Young' Stembridge: guitar
Herman 'Pete' Wade: guitar
Pete Drake: steel guitar
Michael Leech: bass
Murrey M. 'Buddy' Harman Jr.: drums
Hargus M. 'Pig' Robbins: piano/organ/harpichord
Charlie McCoy: harmonica/vibes
Kenneth Lovelace: fiddle
Hoyt H. Hawkins, Mildred Kirkhan, Neal Matthew Jr, Hugh Gordon Stoker, Raymond C. Walker, Anna Patricia Williams: chorus
One 3:41 SRM1 1064 M7/20 . .


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